Quality Performance

Our vision is to be the trust worthy business partner for supplying Environmental Friendly Green Consumer Rechargeable Battery and Charger , Alkaline Battery ,Lithium Camera and Camcorder battery ,Consumer  Lithium Ion and Li-Polymer batteries and Battery packs,Storage Media and Multimedia Product 

Our goal is to supply full range of Power Source.Storage Media and Multimedia Product for Consumer Needs that delight our customers in all respects.

Our quality policy states Quality is Customer Satisfaction for us 

We believe in Honesty Make Good partner and Future 

Environmental Protection is one of key priciple we hold value for

We are committed to maintaining registration to ISO 9001 and to continually improving the quality of each operation, transaction and interaction between ourselves and our  customers.

Our determination to get each step right, first time, every time, and improve our attitudes and procedures, is reflected in better quality at all levels and stages of our business.

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