Quality Policy

FUJICELL battery feature with high performance,amazing durabitlity ,ultra high capacity ,great reliability ,real environmental friendly ! FUJICELL are ideal for a variety of consumer, commercial and industriall portable power applications.


FUJICELL specialized in supplying many types of NIMH ,Alkaline ,Lithium-ion Li-polymer battery ,have successfully offered a lot of different power solutions to our customers and work with the customers all over the world for many successful projects including lighting, portable products, medical products, healthy care products, racing toys, Bluetooth, cameras, small camcorders and electronic device


FUJICELL welcome more close OEM business cooperation from world wide business partner on the specialized battery field


FUJICELL  have independent R&D department, offering Full on going support from the product development stage through to final completion and beyond- design, technical, laboratory, quality, industrialization…


FUJICELL is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers and following briefs meticulously.



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