• FUJICELL offer wide range of products, including-Nickel Metal Hydride Rechargeable ,Super Alkaline,Super Heavy Duty, Lithium Camera and Camcorder Battery ,Battery Chargers,Consumer Lithium Ion and Li-Polymer batteries ,Lithium coin,and Battery packs, which can be quickly adapted to suit customers different demand.


* Headquartered in Japan ,radiating from Key Japan market ,FUJICELL have an international distribution network ,


A) FUJICELL is committed to working closely with all our world wide distributors ,partners ,well informed of potential new opportunities ,keep introducing market orient new product designs,upgrading product range for each selling seasons


B) Each international distributor among the sales network will get access to and benefit from advanced marketing information through internal exchanging


* FUJICELL offers great competive price from exclusive contracted top manufacturing facilities in China


•FUJICELL  offers market-orient promotional support meticulously,including designing of catalogues ,brochures ,posters floor stand displays, counterr top displays, and sales tools customized for special local market need ....




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